Rebills Privacy Policy

Short Answer : Your data is yours. Rebills does not collect, store, transfer, or sell your data.

Data collection

Your data is stored securely on your device.


Rebills uses no trackers and no 3rd-party analytics.

Crash reports

If enabled by you, anonymous crash reports will be sent to Rebills via Apple to diagnose issues and improve the app.

Currency exchange rates

Currency exchange rates are fetched in the app from, an API hosted and maintained right here on this website. This API does not receive or store any of your information. None of your data is used to update currency exchange rate data.

The app will fetch updated rates from the API approximately once every 24 hours.

Behind the scenes, this API receives and maintains the latest exchange rate data from a few different sources. Since the app only connects to the API, none of these services receive any of your data – not even your IP address.